If you are looking for a venue other than what Városliget offers: Let us organize your catering!

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Városliget Rendezvény – Catering service in Budapest

Városliget Rendezvény – Catering service in Budapest

External events: Catering service in Budapest


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We are proud of our “base”, Tópart Budapest, but our partners may also choose external events in other venues.

Our company has nearly 20 years of experience in organizing and arranging private and corporate events as well as workplace catering. Be it a small-scale ‘in-house’ business event, a protocol event or a partner meeting for some hundreds or thousands of ‘out-of-house’ attendees or even family days: our colleagues provide comprehensive advice and implementation concepts. Of course, we also provide tailor-made offers and arrangement for all events.

No matter if a traditional family day or an exclusive event is to be organized, we have the equipment, accessories and tools as well as a qualified, professional and smiling staff.


Advantages of our catering service:

-    more than 20 years of experience
-    professional colleagues who provide customized offers in all cases
-    flexible, fast and efficient staff
-    an own kitchen capable of serving thousands of guests
-    good relationship with a great number of venues

Recommended venues for external events in Budapest:

Catering service in Budapest, in the Marble room of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath

The capacity of the historic 278 m2 room is 150 persons in case of ceremonial served meal, 150-180 persons for buffet reception and 200 persons for conferences.

Catering service at DOMUS Guest house in Budapest

A guest house close to the City Park as well as the Heroes’ Square in the Abonyi street. This building serves as accommodation and a workshop. On the ground floor there is a library and a work space to facilitate scientific work together with a conference room with a capacity of up to 50 persons.

Catering service in the romantic Vajdahunyad Castle, in the first floor hall

The Vajdahunyad Castle or Vajdahunyadvár in Hungarian is a set of buildings designed by Ignác Alpár.
The Museum of Agriculture is located in the renaissance-baroque style building. The useful floor space of the first floor hall is 295 m2 with a capacity of 250 persons in case of buffet reception and 180 persons for a ceremonial served meal.

Catering at Planetarium, in one of the most beautiful rooms of Budapest

This building is located in Népliget in an area easy to reach with plenty of parking space around. The air conditioned dome hall and the surrounding corridors are suitable for various events. The dome hall has a capacity of 370 persons (seated), the corridors have a capacity of 300 persons for buffet reception or 200 persons for ceremonial served meals.


Catering service at Kincsem Park in Budapest

The 86 hectares of Kincsem Park provide a great opportunity for private indoor or outdoor events for daytime or night events, family days or formal receptions. The main building is suitable for 3500 persons.

Catering service at the Kiscell Museum

This museum has a unique atmosphere and has already hosted a great number of events.

Catering service at the Zwack Visitor Centre

A museum located in Soroksári street where visitors can experience the history of the Zwack family and their company. The 2000 m2 floor space ripening cellar is also open for the public where visitors get a chance to see and taste Unicum stored in the barrels. One of Europe’s biggest mini bottle collection is also stored here.

Event venues in Budapest


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