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An exclusive place for press conferences: the City Park of Budapest

Would you like to organize a press conference and you need a truly exclusive place with a professional team? Find out more on our venues for press conferences in Budapest, at the City Park.

Conference venues in Budapest, in the City Park

A conference is a large event and its success greatly depends on the venue, so finding the perfect place is one of the most important tasks. The perfect place, however, depends on the type of the event and the number of the guests. Nevertheless, there are some common factors that...

One of the most important factors of business events is finding the perfect venue. Learn more about our venues and find the room that best fits your needs!

Be it any type of event, finding the perfect venue is crucial. Meetings and other events often play an important role in business life – they can improve employee satisfaction or help to make new partnerships, so making a good impression is of utmost importance. With an...

Venues for corporate events in Budapest – the best options at Városliget

Looking for a venue for a corporate event? There are a couple of options at the City Park, one of the most popular places of Budapest. Find the perfect venue and amaze your business partners and colleagues!

Renting a workshop room at Városliget in a beautiful environment

Renting a workshop room is not an easy task because if we want to find a fitting venue, several factors need to be taken into consideration, in addition, it is an advantage if the chosen room can be customized. Városliget offers great opportunities to have workshops as we...

Conference in Budapest, in a special environment, at Városliget

If a conference is organized in Budapest, it is not that easy to find the perfect venue as it is important that the venue is suitable for the number of participants, agenda, theme, and that it provides easy accessibility for all participants – it is always worth to find a...

Conference venues in Budapest

Városliget Rendezvény provides excellent venues for conferences. Leave the ordinary office environment and host your conference, press conference or other business event at a unique venue with amazing view.

Start-of-term event for companies in Budapest

The Városliget Rendezvény team awaits customers in a unique environment even in the winter months. The view of the Ice Rink and the Vajdahunyad Castle provide excellent atmosphere and it is perfect to astonish colleagues as well as business partners.

End of the Year party in Budapest, End of the Year party place Budapest

The City Park is the best End of the Year party venue in Budapest! Why? Various venues, special programs, amazing foods and a perfect atmosphere! For corporate events, it is very important to find the perfect venue since a poor venue can ruin everything. You need a place...


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