Venue and catering at Városliget – Introduction

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Venue and catering at Városliget – Introduction

Dear guest, visitor, reader,

Our dream came true after lengthy but joyful work – step by step: a place where everyone can feel at home. A place capable of encompassing and representing the cultural heritage of Hungary and make it personal with little stories. And while it inspires us to recall the romantic past, it also motivates to spend time with our loved ones, kids, friends and the elderly alike.

We believe that the renewed Városliget and with Tópart Budapest in it, this place will remain the preferred venue as well as a starting point of romantic walks in the City Park, home to events with friends and the family and a private location for those in love – and, of course, also home to private or corporate events or romantic weddings.


Choose the incredible atmosphere of the City Park for your event

In front of us, we can see a cheerful, vibrant and high-spirited building where sports, leisure time, culture and gastronomy combine to offer a unique experience for the visitor. Our aim is to convey the delight we feel when we open the gates – in every hour, each day and throughout the year. We wish that Tópart Budapest will mean the same for you as it does for us: a place where dreams and desires come true, where we gladly invite our love, family, friends and colleagues.

‘A huge entertaining garden with good air and many trees and flowers. The foreigners are particularly fond of it since they either do not have anything similar or only have parks offering much less joy.’ – Ella Megyery wrote in 1937 in the Budapest Notebook.


The place where the commoner can escape from the crowded streets of the metropolis, where every citizen in the city, be it young or old, lovers or poets or even playing children, can come together: Park (Liget) of Budapest, which has meant the same for more than 100 years – entertainment, relaxation and recreation.


Why choose the Városliget Rendezvény team?

The incredible view and atmosphere at Városliget is a perfect place for all kinds of events. With our 20 years of experience, we can offer high-quality service. Our professional team creates tailor-made offers in order to meet all your demands! We can also provide catering for the events, since our kitchen is capable of serving thousands of people. The first-class, premium quality dishes are perfect complements of an event, be it buffet reception or ceremonial served meal. We are flexible, fast and precise, so a flawless event is guaranteed!

If you decide to choose another venue, we can also offer catering for external events! We have good relationship with a wide range of further venues, so do not hesitate to contact us!


The team

Corporate, private or formal, external or internal events: we find you the perfect solution and provide a memorable experience!  

Hamar Krisztina

Sales director

Krisztina used to work for the Hungarian Parliament, where she gained considerable experience at formal and EU events. She has worked in a managing position in tourism both in Hungary and Prague – all these can contribute to a perfect event.

Kriszta is also a qualified stylist, so she is the professional to keep an eye on finding the perfect venue as well as the perfect style. Since 2014, she has been responsible for organizing the private events at the Ice Rink and Tópart Budapest, including weddings.

 Kata Szilárd

Customer relationship manager


He has been a member of the Városliget team since almost the beginning.  

He is a FRIEND of our customers, no request is impossible for him.  

Internal or external event? – No matter, you will always feel at home with him.

Geiger Kinga

Customer relationship manager


 She fills the area of Tópart with her charming voice and personality. She has been a prominent member of the team for a long time, and her professional yet friendly attitude ‘brings music’ to all souls. 

Kéri Mónika

Senior sales manager – event manager


A very new teammate of us, who perfectly represents our services whith her individuality.

Mónika works in the tourism sector since 2011. She could stand her place in many positions, but event managing is the position in which she can accomplish herself.

She speaks english very well, which makes her capable to communicate with international partners as well. She likes all types of events, and also – she is a fan of cats.

Benkő Nóra

Sales manager – event manager

The sales- and event manager of our restaurant. With her friendly attitude, it is easy to find the common voice with her by our partners and guests.

She can find the best hospitality for every occasions – while she always give experience to her guests.

Földi Borbála

Sales manager – event assistance


Bori has started her work-years as a trainee at Tópart Budapest – where her dreams came true: she is now making beautiful young couples Big Days as a wedding planner.

Also, she is our number one taster of the cakes!



Kapolyi Péter

Banquette manager


Péter took part in more then a hundred succesfull, patinated events in Hungary, and even international the last couple of years. With his experience, he makes sure that our guests at Városliget Rendezvény get the best we can do!

Dobosy József



The creator of our special offers and menus, and expert in gastronomy.

He is responsible for carefully selecting the best craft products and spices, souring the ingredients as well as cultivating the plants in the kitchen garden.

He also supervises every step until the food arrives at the table of the guest.




Visit us and experience the atmosphere of Városliget at a birthday party, anniversary dinner, bachelorette/bachelor party, wedding or a corporate event! Request a tailor-made offer for our venues. Click here: Venues in the City Park



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